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Kapton HN Polyimide film

Polyimide film (similar to Kapton HN) is achieved by polycondensation of PMDA and ODA in strong polar solvents and through the process of forming film and imine treatment at high temperature, which possesses excellent physical, chemical, and electrical properties, atomic radiation resistant, solvent resistant, low & high temperature resistant, It performs successfully in the wide range of temperature as low as -452F(-269c) and as high as +500F(+260c).

Polyimide F46 film (Similar to Kapton FN) is achieved by coating Polyimide film with F46 resin (FEP) on one side (FH) or double sides (FHF) and through the sintering process at high temperature, which combines the excellent properties of Polyimide film and F46 resin, high& low temp resistant, radiation resistant, excellent electrical properties, superior dimensional stability and heat sealable properties. It performs successfully in the wide range of temperature as low as -112F(-80c) and as high as +500F(+260c), widely used for insulation in motor, electrical apparatus and wrapping of cable and magnet wire.

Kapton FN Polyimide FEP film

Kapton tape Polyimide tape
Polyimide (Kapton) silicon/acrylic adhesive tape made of polyimide film with heat-resistant silicone/acrylic adhesive, which shows excellent dielectric insulation properties, high heat resistant, excellent solvent resistant, mask-off gold finger contacts during wave soldering, and is widely used for electrical insulation on motor, transformer, coils, PCB masking and so on.
Semi-conductive and antistatic glass cloth laminate sheet are made of electrical alkali-free glass woven fabric base impregnated an epoxy resin binder mixed with special additive powder by processing under pressure and heat. Semi-conductive glass cloth laminate sheet has high mechanical strength, good semi-conductive performance and anti-corona property which is suitable for electronic applications. Anti-static has high mechanical strength and good antistatic dissipative performance which is widely used in electronic and mechanical application.

Semi-conductive and Antistatic

Polyimide Film / BOPI (similar to Kapton HN)

Polyimide FEP Film (similar to Kapton FN)

Insulation Adhesive Tape ( Kapton, PET, Glass cloth etc.)

 Rigid Laminate Sheet of Phenolic paper/cotton, GPO3, G5, G7, G10/FR4, G11/FR5 etc

 Flexible Laminate of DMD, F-DMD, NMN, NHN etc.

 Mica Plate / VPI Mica Tape / Fire Proof Mica Tape

 Polyester Non-woven fabric

 Insulation sleeving

 Molding, punching, machining and die-cut part, insulator

 Ripple Spring Sheet

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Suzhou Dexlu Materials & Tech Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest electrical insulation materials supplier in China. We export our products of Polyimide film (Kapton FN), Polyimide FEP film (Kapton HN), Kapton Adhesive tapes and other insulation materials in large quantities each year. We can make the insulation parts according to your designs.


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